Routine Order 7/4

Date: 7 April 2017
Time: 1600-1830
Venue: Forum
Attire: PT Kit (SJ tee and shorts)

Day in Charge: Koh Xiao Wei

Sec 1s: Foot Drill, First Aid (Lecture)
Sec 2s: Foot Drill, First Aid (CPR)
Sec 3s: Foot Drill/ First Aid (Casualty Simulation), Foot Drill

All cadets are expected to study and be well-prepared for First Aid.

Cadets are reminded to bring the necessary items for CCA:
-uniform cover with full brigade uniform;
-writing materials;
-a normal water bottle fully filled to the brim;
-first aid manual and triangular bandage.

Cadets are to collect their 1.5L bottles from the St John room before CCA, and align them at the sunken forum as usual. Normal water bottles are to be aligned at the sheltered walkway along the basketball court.

Cadets are reminded to tidy their hair, trim their nails to an appropriate length, remove all markings on skin and wear their PT kits adhering to school rules. Cadets with long hair are expected to bun their hair securely with bun nets; and put on spectacle hooks when necessary.

Cadets are advised to take good care of their health. Those who are on medication regime and/or not feeling well before/ during CCA are to report to the Welfare NCOs.


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