June Training Camp: Camp Kit List

Items to be brought unless stated otherwise:

1. Full Brigade Uniform (Beret, Blouse, Culottes, Socks, Boots)

2. One set of PT kit (excluding the one you are wearing)

3. One dark coloured shirt

4. Two sets of undergarments

5. Warm clothing/ Jacket

6. Plain black/ dark blue slacks/ track pants

7. Two pairs of white SNG socks

8. Two 1.5L bottles

9. Slippers/ Sandals (for bathing purposes)

10. Ice-cream tub (for bathing purposes)

11. Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo, Towel)

12. Groundsheet

13. Torch (at least pen size) & Spare batteries

14. Full toilet roll

15. Metal fork & Spoon

16. Non-disposable plate

17. Green mug

18. One set of messtins (big & small)

19. Stove

20. Liquid soap & Sponge

21. Rag

22. Writing materials

23. First aid manual

24. Triangular bandage

25. Extra food for outdoor cooking. Ensure that it does not require refrigeration and is able to last. (Optional)

26. Personal medication (If any)

Items to be brought as a group:

1. Can opener

2. Two boxes of matches/ Lighter

3. Two boxes of solid fuels

4. Plastic bags (for storage of belongings)

All the best for camp preparation! 🙂


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