June Training Camp: Routine Order

Date: 21 June 2017
Time: 0800
Venue: Parade Square
Attire: Full Brigade Uniform

Day in Charge: Koh Xiao Wei
Group in Charge Zosma: Lim Si Eern
Group in Charge Eridanus: Jessica Loong
Group in Charge Norma: Loy Kai Xuan
Group in Charge Indus: Tricia Khoo
Group in Charge Tucana: Allana Cheong
Group in Charge Hercules: Tay Xin En
Clean up Duty: Tucana

Cadets are not encouraged to report to school too early in the morning. Please ensure that everybody has a good night’s rest and a heavy breakfast before reporting for camp.

Cadets are to bring their medication pouch in a labelled ziploc bag, and to include prescription(s) for the medication brought.

Cadets are reminded to bring all items stated in the camp kit list, in addition to $12.00 (for camp t-shirt) and group flags.

Cadets are reminded to collate all medication, personal belongings/ valuables and outdoor cooking materials in separate bags. All bags should be labelled and placed in front of each group during First Parade.

Cadets are reminded to tidy their hair, trim their nails to an appropriate length, remove all markings on skin and wear their uniforms according to the Brigade Dress Regulations.

Cadets are to fall in at the Parade Square with the respective group ICs at the front of each group by 0800. Please ensure that all belongings are arranged neatly and uniforms are ready for Uniform Inspection. Cadets should be familiar with flag drills and the correct protocol for First Parade.

Cadets are advised to take good care of their health. Those who are on medication regime and/or not feeling well are to report to the Welfare NCOs. If cadets are unable to attend the June Training Camp due to health issues, the Teachers should receive a parent’s email beforehand.


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